MultiModX at SESAR Innovation Days (SIDS) in Seville from 27 to 30 November 2023

450 researchers in air traffic management gathered in Seville for SESAR Innovation Days. Hosted by the University of Seville and supported by partners like Enaire, Indra, Ryanair, and AENA, the conference covered diverse topics such as data security, climate-optimised trajectories, drone management, and airport operations.

Andreas Boschen, Executive Director of SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking, underscored the importance of innovative concepts to address major challenges like airspace capacity and climate change. The conference highlighted the need for collaboration between the industry and academia.

Key sessions covered higher airspace operations, US airspace modernisation, and the application of artificial intelligence in air traffic management. Discussions also touched on future research trends, emphasizing the need for a free flow of operational data, early involvement of policymakers in concept design, and investments in emerging technologies like neuromorphic and quantum computing. The SESAR Young Scientist Award recognized promising researchers.

Closing remarks underscored the digital transformation at Seville Airport and Ryanair’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Raúl Medina, Director General of EUROCONTROL, emphasized the role of SESAR and the Digital European Sky in meeting future challenges, calling for a focus on both quick wins and long-term strategies. The event concluded with the announcement of the SESAR Innovation Days 2024, scheduled for November 11-15 in Rome, Italy.

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