MultiModX at the ARC Spring Conference in Vantaa, Finland

On May 16th, Kay Plötner, our project coordinator, took the stage at the ARC Annual Spring Conference to present MultiModX’s objectives and ongoing work. This conference brought together professionals to discuss the evolving challenges faced by airports and regions, offering valuable insights into airport-related development and the complex dynamics of these areas.

Mobility Dimension: Navigating the Future of Airport Mobility

MultiModX was a key highlight in the discussions about the future of airport mobility. As the industry stands at a critical juncture, door-to-door perspectives are gaining prominence, and new transport modes are transforming the landscape. Our presentation focused on Integrated Passenger-Centric Planning of Multimodal Networks, showcasing our relentless efforts to address these challenges.

Our Mission

MultiModX aims to develop innovative multimodal solutions and decision support tools for the coordinated planning and management of transport networks. We are building a comprehensive multimodal modelling and evaluation framework, complete with key performance areas and indicators, to assess the impact of multimodal transport systems. This framework will benefit a wide range of stakeholders, helping to create more efficient and sustainable transport solutions. Three solutions will be developed and tested for multimodal trips within Spain, Germany and between them.

We are proud to have contributed to this impactful event and look forward to continuing our journey in advancing innovative multimodal transport solutions!

Credit picture: “the City of Vantaa”